We do Paintshaver Pro Tool Rentals

An outline on who we are


Hi my name is John Welsh director of Best2Hire, Brisbane

I have had a number of years in the property business and was looking around for a tool to make paint stripping easier on an 80 year old Queenslander property. The Paintshaver Pro seemed to be the answer so I got one and proceeded to test it. I was impressed and it did everything the developer said it would in relation toa great paint remover tool. I felt this should be made readily available to the house painting public in Brisbane. So Best2Hire was born to do Paintshaver Pro tool rentals. 

We hire  and Sell tools to individuals and the trade at attractive rates that can make a house stripping job in Brisbane within the reach of all budgets.  The picture on the right is the latest tool to be added to our range the Gelpeel Pro



We have now started to develop a range of tools for the craftsmen market (people that have pride in their work and  want a superior quality working tool). The first of these is the KaliShape Paint Remover Tool . KaliShape the word, we played around with the name of King Arthur's sword and what the tools for our future direction will do, cut and shape.

Unlike mass tool selling organisations we will be very specific in our tool range. We will thoroughly test a product before releasing it to the comsumer market and have bench marks that all tools have to achieve. Having said that we hope to be continually releasing tools of superior quality that are affordable.