The Paintshaver Pro

Check out this great video. The paintshaver Pro in action. You will notice how fast it is and the adjustment of the tool can take off the total paint,  Go to Paintshaver Pro

The Marineshaver Pro

The marineshaver Pro on a curved fibreglass bulkhead Go to Marineshaver Pro

The Random Orbital SandVac

The ultimate sanding tool for the professional House Painter go to Sandvac Pro

Gelpeel Pro Gelcoat Remover Marine craft

The Gelpeel Pro working on a curved hull. It can be controlled to cater for most shapes and size of work projects Go to Gelpeel Pro

Paintshaver Pro Instructions

Fuller instructions of the Paintshaver Pro

go to paintshaver Pro

Diamabrush in Action

The Diamabrush Tool for decks information